Guiding Principles

Reduce disparities and promote opportunities for all
While Marin is one of the healthiest communities in the nation, disparities exist. Not all residents enjoy the community conditions necessary to help make healthier choices.

Focus on changing community conditions
Healthy eating and active living requires change to the community conditions that shape the lives of residents in our community. Changes in the community include social norms that promote good health, safe streets and neighborhoods, and access to a local grocery store with affordable healthy food.

Bring together partners from various sectors
The obesity epidemic is a complex social problem, which is caused by a broad range of social conditions. Healthy eating and active living in Marin cannot be achieved through the efforts of one organization. If different organizations work together, we can create a healthier Marin.

Build on current community assets
Marin has a wide range of existing assets, including local agriculture, parks and open space, as well as many individuals and organizations committed to healthy eating and active living.

Utilize best and promising practices whenever possible