The Approach

The obesity epidemic is a complex social problem, which arises from a broad range of social conditions. Through this planning process, we recognize that promoting healthy eating and active living in Marin cannot be achieved through the efforts of one organization. Together, we will strengthen our impact by creating the following conditions for collective success:

Hands holding carrots

  • Creating a common agenda through the HEAL
  • Framework, strengthening cross-sector partnerships, fostering a collaborative environment, and building a base of support by working directly with community residents.
  • Maintaining backbone and infrastructure support including administrative support, resource development, and other technical assistance support for the Framework.
  • Developing mutually reinforcing activities in which clear roles are defined and organizations can do the work they do best, but in a more coordinated fashion.
  • Maintaining continuous communication to help build trust, establish cross-sector partnerships, and work towards common objectives.
  • Developing a shared measurement system, to help to track the progress of our work at the community level.
Changing the way we work takes time, but the HEAL Strategic Framework is one step towards greater health for Marin. Each and every one of the participants in this process plays an important role to improve healthy eating and active living in all the places we live, work, learn and play, and we give thanks for your support.